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The RA Ministry of Diaspora, in association with Yerevan State University, continues the “Diaspora” Summer School Program in 2017. The aim of the program is to contribute to the preservation and reinforcement of the Armenian identity within communities of the Armenian Diaspora, to raise the level of Armenian language proficiency among the young Armenians and to improve the qualification of teachers of Armenian community schools, organizers of education and the directors of cultural groups. It also aims at promoting the activities of Armenian multimedia and youth organizations of the Armenian Diaspora and providing assistance to the self-organization of the Armenian communities.

There are 5 courses in the “Diaspora” Summer School Program:

1. Intensive Course of the Armenian Language”, July 2-29,

2.Training course for the Armenian Language Teachers and Educational Mission Organizers”, July 2-29,

3.Course for the Young Leaders and Community Activities Organizers”, July 2-15,

4.Training course for the Young Journalists”, July 2-15,

5. "Course of National Music and Dance", July 2-15.

All the courses of the “Diaspora” Summer School 2017 are conducted in Armenian.

The participants will receive certificates, if they carry out the practical work and receive the positive assessment of the Commission. Note that the participants should not be absent from classes more than 3 days (or 9 hours of lectures).

Numerous cultural events, visits to historical and cultural sites of Armenia, meetings with state, public, cultural figures and religious leaders will be organized apart from the planned theoretical and practical classes.

Only Armenians from Diaspora, above the age of 16 can take part in program. However, there is no age limit for the "Intensive course of the Armenian Language." Participants must not be citizens of Republic of Armenia (except the ones who have double citizenship) or must not have lived in the Republic of Armenia in the previous 10 years. Those Diaspora Armenians who are participating for the first time will be provided by accommodation (lodging for the night, it is possible to ensure a hotel room for 2-6 people).

Those Armenians of Diaspora who have previously participated in the “Diaspora” Summer School can take part in the courses tuition-free, however, they will not be provided with accommodation. The participants should cover their travel costs to and from Yerevan and expenses of transportation during the whole program.

       The online registration of the applicants is open until June 2, 2017. Visit the official website of the program www.dss.am/en/, then enter “School” and choose one of the five courses, after that, select the sub-section “Register”.


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